Friday May 23 2014

Youth leader blocked from State House

By Martin Ssebuyira

There was drama on Wednesday when the chairperson of Gulu Youth Council was blocked from entering at State House Entebbe to attend a meeting between President Museveni and NRM sub-county youth chairpersons from West Nile, Karamoja, Acholi and Lango sub-regions.

The scuffle ensued when Mr Stephen Odokorach reached State House check-point and found his name missing on the invitation list.
The Special Forces Command security personnel called Northern Youth MP Evelyn Anite to clear him but she blocked him from entering until Mr Odokorach called NRM youth chairperson Dennis Namara who instructed the presidential guards to allow him in.

However, Ms Anite remained defiant, saying Mr Odokorach should not enter. Soldiers threw him out of the State House gate.
Mr Odokorach called the press to express his grievances.

“This is not the first time Anite has tried to block me from meeting the President. I won’t rest until I meet President Museveni because his government has failed to come up with programmes that can help youth in northern Uganda resettle after about two decades of insurgency,” he said.
He said he had prepared a petition to the President regarding the economic status of the youth in Gulu.

“The youths have not benefited from programmes like Naads and the Peace, Recovery and Development Programme,” Mr Odokorach said.
A group of MPs from northern region castigated the government and mused about secession to form the Nile Republic following embezzlement of billions of shillings meant for the post-war recovery projects in northern Uganda.

At least Shs50 billion was in 2012 reported to have been misappropriated by officials from the Prime Minister’s office.

why kicked out?

In a telephone interview yesterday, Ms Anite said Mr Odokorach was blocked from the meeting because he is not an NRM member. “All the youth leaders who were invited were sub-county youth chairpersons and he is not a chairperson of any of the sub-counties in Gulu.

He is not even a member of NRM. I think he does things just to appear in the press. He wasn’t invited. He was not a delegate. Why could he have boarded a bus from Gulu when nobody called him?” Ms Anite asked.