Friday February 21 2014

Tanzanian CA members demand raise in allowances

By Frank Kimboy

Monitor Correspondent

Some Constituent Assembly (CA) members in Tanzania have asked the government to increase their daily allowance, saying the Tsh300,000 (Shs600,000) they were getting was peanuts.

They said want the amount increased to roughly Shs700,000 (Shs1.4m) a day to enable them afford accommodation, pay their drivers, other personal assistants and above all bankroll their daily expenses in Dodoma during the 90-day period.

There are 629 CA members who at the current approved allowance rates cost taxpayers Tsh188,700,000 a day, according to data analysis done by The Citizen newspaper.
Speaking to The Citizen over the phone, the Kigoma North MP, Mr Zitto Kabwe said: “I am shocked to see that some of CA members want a daily allowance of Tsh700,000…this is outrageous.”

But speaking during a seminar to present the draft of the CA standing orders, some members said life in Dodoma was “very expensive”, adding that want what reflects the reality on the ground.

They wondered why members of the Constitutional Review Commission were paid handsomely, while they were expected to survive on “peanuts”.

The issue came up after some members put aside the seminar’s agenda and decided to discuss other matters despite repeated attempts by interim chairman Pandu Ameir Kificho to have them stick to the matter at hand.