Thursday October 27 2011

Heavy rain displace thousands

By Francis Kokutse

Monitor Correspondent

Several people have been rendered homeless and property worth thousands of dollars destroyed following five hours of heavy rain that swept through southern Ghana on Tuesday night.

Some civil engineers have attributed the destruction to the poor drainage system which makes the flow of rainwater difficult. Mr Leonard Gyewu, one of the engineers said: “Even though some drains have been built around the capital, some property owners have also been allowed to build in the surroundings of water bodies making it difficult for water to flow smoothly.”

President John Mills who was devastated by the effects of the rains, traversed parts of Accra, visiting some of the affected areas in order to find out how to provide assistance to people who have lost their homes.

He told people affected by the floods to remain calm because the government would work with the emergency services to provide the necessary assistance. City officials in Accra said the flooding resulting from the rains is one of the worst experienced this year.

The national coordinator of the National Disaster Management Organisation, Mr Kofi Portuphy, said they have an emergency on their hands and that one death had been reported although they have received several calls from people who have been trapped on their roof-tops because of the floods.

Minister of education, Mrs Betty Mould-Iddrissu issued a statement closing down schools in the capital to prevent possible harm to children. She said the decision is to allow directors of education to go round and ensure that the school infrastructure is safe before allowing the children to get back to school.