Tuesday January 29 2013

British woman dies in Tanzania when riding across Africa

By Agencies

A British female tourist was among three people who died after being hit by a bus in an accident that involved three vehicles and horse riders, a doctor said on Sunday.

About 25 others were seriously injured, most of them on-lookers attracted by the British and South African horse riders passing through Isela village in Shinyanga region on Saturday morning.

Frederick Mlekwa, the doctor in charge at Shinyanga Hospital, named the British citizen as Christine Hemchie, 29, and the two Tanzanian victims as Charles Mahugija, 60, and Willy Masanja, 55, both being residents of Samuye village.

He said Hemchie died in the accident, which occurred when she was riding horse with her fiance, William Arthur, 43, a South African national, who was critically wounded.

According to Mlekwa, the tourists were on a tour across the continent that started in Tunisia on the southward bound to South Africa. Before the accident, the couple had already traveled in nine African countries.

The residents killed and severely injured were cheering on the passing team of horse riders from Britain and South Africa who were on an Across-Africa mission on horsebacks.

Most of them were absorbed in the riders when the three-vehicle collision occurred and took away the lives of three persons.

Until late Saturday, according to Mlekwa, the body of the tourist was still at Shinyanga Hospital's mortuary waiting for her relatives to decide where and when to conduct burial.