Tuesday September 3 2013

Burkina Faso in coup attempt


Ouagadougou- Presidential guards in Burkina Faso have fired and killed an armed former colleague who penetrated the presidential palace early Saturday morning August 31, sources confirmed Sunday.

Local media quoting security sources explained that the guards shot and killed an ex-military officer on the premises of the presidential palace during an exchange of fire.

The slain man identified as former army corporal Romuald Tuina, had succeeded in penetrating the presidential palace compound with kalachinikov in his hand, sources said.

Ex-corporal Romuald Tuina who was assigned to the presidential guard division had been sacked a few years ago from the presidential guard service.

In an apparent bid to assassinate President Compaore, sources said the ex-solider had penetrated the presidential palace after he jumped over the power generator near the steel fence of the palace compound.

Near success
In a bid to beat the surveillance of the presidential guards, the infiltrator had decided to put on military attire which helped him to bypass his former colleagues, sources explained.

It was after he attempted to break into the arsenal that the guards realised someone had intruded and a gun fire exchange ensued.

During the exchange of fire, sources said Tuina was hit and killed instantly.
The Burkina president was said to be within the palace at the time of the incident.

Meanwhile, sources have quoted officials as saying that the incident was “an isolated one and not intended to assassinate President Compaore”.

But President Compaore, who was receiving the newly elected Malian leader on Sunday, had hinted that he would reserve his comments on the incident for the time being.

The incident comes at a time when the civil society backed opposition is kicking against the introduction of a senate and an imminent change of the constitution to allow President Compaore to run for a 5th mandate come 2015.
President Compaore himself seized power in 1987 when he overthrew his former boss, Captain Thomas Sankara, who also came to power through a coup in this coup infested country.