Tuesday February 12 2013

Burundi MPs visit Somalia

By Abdulkadir Khalif

Legislators from Burundi who arrived in Mogadishu at the weekend have met Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud and Speaker of the Federal Parliament Mohamed Osman Jawari.
Speaker Jawari said on Monday, during one of the meetings that the government is happy to establish links with the legislative house of Burundi.
Burundi is one of the African nations that deployed troops to Somalia to keep peace under the African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom).
Mr Emalein Hakizima, the Chairperson of the Burundian Parliament Defence Sub-committee, stated that the visit would enhance collaboration between the two governments.
The ten-man delegation also met President Mohamoud at Villa Somalia, the country’s State House in Mogadishu.
The MPs later met commanders of Amisom and the African Union's Special Envoy to Somalia, Mohamed Salah Anadif.
“Somalia is recovering from years of bitter wars. We are engaged in diverse activities meant to rebuild the country and to restore security,” he said.
Other countries that form Amisom are Uganda, Kenya and Djibouti.