Friday March 7 2014

Pistorius ex-girlfriend testifies


Oscar Pistorius’ ex-girlfriend has told his trial he once fired his gun from his car sunroof after becoming angry with police.
Earlier, Samantha Taylor broke down while discussing two breakups with the athlete.

She said Mr Pistorius had twice been unfaithful, with the relationship finally ending when he “cheated” on her with Reeva Steenkamp. He denies murdering Steenkamp and the shooting incident.

The defence also pointed to emails it said proved the relationship with Ms Taylor was already over by the time Mr Pistorius began seeing Ms Steenkamp.

Ms Taylor insisted the relationship was not “officially” over when he started dating Ms Steenkamp.

The model also said the alleged shooting incident happened when he became angry after a police officer stopped him for speeding, saw the gun on the car seat and told him it could not be left there.

She accepted that he laughed around the time he actually fired the gun. Ms Taylor testified that Mr Pistorius kept his gun “on him all the time,” and described him as a man who could get very angry.
The court has now been adjourned until Monday..

Crucial testimony
The BBC’s Nomsa Maseko says that while Samantha Taylor was brought in to testify in connection with the lesser firearm charge, her evidence about the alleged shooting incident is crucial to the prosecution’s case over the murder charge too, as it paints Mr Pistorius as an angry, reckless gun owner.

On Wednesday, the court heard evidence from boxer Kevin Lerena, about another incident in which Mr Pistorius is alleged to have fired a gun in a restaurant after it was passed to him by a friend in the group. He said Mr Pistorius asked the gun owner to take the blame.