Stop conspiracy theories about Rwigyema’s death

The New Vision article describes Rwigyema as an accomplished commander and liberator but also purports that he was killed by his own subordinates! That the late Rwigyema was an accomplished commander and liberator is a fact attested to by all those who struggled with him in the many liberation wars he participated in.

Friday April 20 2012

By Felix Mugabo

To the conspiracy theorists, like I said earlier, please give Rwanda and Rwandans a break. Their struggle to liberate their country and build a society founded on the unity of all Rwandans may have gone through challenging times, but the story about the new Rwanda characterised by the dignity restored to all, the shared destiny binding all the Rwandans to work hard for their prosperity is recognised and appreciated by many the world over.

If that is what frustrates the conspiracy theorists, they can as well abandon the project because it will never get them anywhere.

The resilience built out of facing the challenges and the adherence to the correct ideological line put in place by the current leadership under President Paul Kagame is a guarantee for Rwanda to continue on the path to sustainable development.

Mr Mugabo is a political analyst based in Kigali, Rwanda

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