Sunday July 22 2018

Are Americans happy with president Trump’s politics?


By Prof George W. Kanyeihamba

In the past, Africa used to be ridiculed as the most backward continent in almost everything.

In those days, it was fashionable for imperialists, colonialists and racists to use falsehoods to glorify themselves at the expense of Africans. There are numerous publications depicting this primitive subculture.

The same people perpetuated another myth in the then known world that people were either White, Black or Coloured. And that the White were superior to all other races with the Black being the most primitive, uneducated and simplest on planet earth.

In my publication, Unmitigated Humour and Wise Cracks of All Seasons, I observed that the folly and evil of this kind of classification is pure racism. There are no such people as White, Black or Coloured on earth.

We are all either Africans, Asians, Europeans and of our respective nationalities such as Ugandans, English or Indians. All of us are coloured from light brown to dark brown and in between.

No research can find any one on earth who is as white as snow or as black as charcoal. However, today we find many journalists and commentators referring to people as White, Black or Coloured as if they were pieces of cheese or furniture.

Until several centuries ago, the implied meaning of those terms were beloved by racists of Europe and America. It implied that the Black “Africans” were as near as could be to the most unattractive and primitive animals and Whites were the most beautiful and desirable nearest to God’s angles.

This brings me to the subject of US president Donald Trump. At the beginning of his campaign for the presidency of the United States, Mr Trump was depicted as a political tramp in its true meaning. No one took him seriously and many ridiculed the idea that he could be president.

However, in America it seems everything is possible. He was subsequently elected and sworn in as the president of that country.

Many people have noticed the peculiar nature of his character, politics and decisions. His aim in life is to show that the so-called White people of this world are superior and that any one whether White or Brown who is not a national of United States of America is unfortunate and unsuitable to hold public office.

Conversely, to Trump any leader, however bad their records are and who agrees to meet or recognise Trump as a great leader, is great like him and statesman.

Former US president Barack Obama has been described by many people, including Americans, as one of the finest presidents the United States has ever had, but because he is an African American, Trump and his supporters resented him.

The main motive Trump and his supporters have to rubbish everything good that Obama did is that Trump can appear presentable and superior to Obama and other non-racists of the United States.

Ever since Trump was elected president, that has been his major policy even though in executing it, he has only shown that he is a novice and performs miserably, if not embarrassingly. Many of Trump’s policies and decisions are utterly incomprehensible to mankind.

Trump is an embarrassment to the majority of Americans because he lacks honesty, decency, morality and sense of justice. Where Obama inspired the world, Trump embarrasses it. We have had a share of the likes of Donald Duck (sorry Trump) but the Trump of America is another thing.

Imagine, if there was a Donald Trump on the continent of Africa, many Africans and Americans would pray and say, Almighty God, stop this World. I want to get off!

Prof Kanyeihamba is a retired Supreme Court judge.
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