Friday March 11 2016

Beefing up security is for our own good

By Nsereko Mutumba

I would like to congratulate my fellow Ugandans for having peacefully gone through the election period, both as voters and contestants.

I congratulate the contestants who went through and urge those who lost to respect the verdict of voters and work with the winners for the good of our country.

I am impressed by the decision of aggrieved candidates who have decided to seek justice from the courts of law instead of expressing their discontent through uncivilised means.

Before the elections, there were genuine security concerns cited by the security agencies and as a result, crime preventers were trained.

These were largely meant to deal with criminal incidents in their respective localities, especially during the election period.

Some people were planning to leave their work in the city and travel upcountry, fearing that there would be chaos in Kampala after the elections. In a move to reassure the masses of the safety of their lives and property, the government beefed up security in key locations countrywide.

Following the increased presence of security personnel and patrols, peace prevailed. Kampala city dwellers are back to work and government is functioning normally.

I am, therefore, calling upon all those criticising the government for training crime preventers and beefing up security to think twice.

If you have nothing to hide, why do you hate peace keepers? I would also appeal to the members of the civil society and some foreign missions to be balanced in their criticisms.

They should also criticise those politicians who have insisted on the politics of defiance and advise them to abandon it and embrace the ideology of 2+1 – your opponent plus yourself makes one Uganda.

The security personnel both from the Uganda Police Force and the army are our brothers and sisters who are on a mission to keep this country safe. They are not a foreign force and they have not been implicated in any unethical or unprofessional behavior.

I have no doubt that once their mission of pacifying the country is accomplished, they will be recalled back to their barracks.
For now, let us respect their mission and support them as much as we can.