Monday March 5 2018

But why did we end up with Gen Kayihura for 12 years?

Gen Kale Kayihura

Gen Kale Kayihura 

By Eriasa Mukiibi

Gen Kale Kayihura has finally been sacked, having been police boss for 12-and-a-half years.
When the news of his sacking casually filtered through on social media Sunday evening, I'd somehow gotten convinced that Museveni would let Kayihura finish his three-year term which he started last November.
I look over my shoulder very often when I walk these days and I generally have more fears about security than I used to have a few years ago. This town has, in the minds of many of us, been reduced to one zone where you could get shot, stabbed, kidnapped, robbed or have your house or car broken into any time.
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