Thursday January 16 2014

Circumcision does not affect sex life in any way

By Joseph KB .Matovu

I read the article, “Alebtong women discourage husbands from circumcision” (Daily Monitor, January 8) with a lot of interest. In the article, women were quoted as saying they would dissuade their husbands from undergoing circumcision, citing fears that circumcision weakens their husbands sexually.

The issue of circumcision and sexual function keeps coming up. The question is: Does male circumcision affect sexual function, sensitivity or satisfaction in any way? Interestingly, many men and women believe that sex is enjoyable after male circumcision, although in most cases, these beliefs are largely psychological than factual. In a study conducted in Nyanza Province, Kenya in 2005, CL. Mattson and his colleagues found 76 per cent of women and 43 per cent of men believed that a circumcised man enjoys sex more than an uncircumcised man. In another study, women reported that they enjoy sex more with a circumcised man than an uncircumcised man.

However, a recent study conducted in the Department of Urology, Ghent University Hospital, Belgium, has shown that a higher percentage of circumcised men experience discomfort or pain and unusual sensations as compared with uncircumcised men. In another study, Frisch and colleagues have found that circumcision is associated with frequent orgasm difficulties in Danish men; with a range of frequent sexual difficulties in women… Additional evidence from other studies shows that some women believe sex with a circumcised man is more painful.

Nevertheless, recent evidence from a review of 36 studies (involving 40,473 men) has indicated that male circumcision does not affect sexual satisfaction in any way. Writing in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in November 2013, BJ. Morris and JN. Krieger indicated that they did not find any difference in terms of sexual function or sexual pleasure between circumcised and uncircumcised men in the studies that they reviewed.

Among women, G. Kigozi and his colleagues found that 97 per cent of 455 women with circumcised male partners reported no change or improvement in sexual satisfaction following their partners’ circumcision.

In my view, and based on research findings, male circumcision does not affect men’s sex life.