Sunday March 30 2014

Create job centre for people with disabilities

By Muhammed Kakooza

According to my research on “the economic and social integration for the disabled, “the Lebanese project on the economic and social integration is considered to be a model experience which not only the Arab world can learn from but other countries such as Uganda.

It was developed to integrate the disabled in society both economically and socially by developing their functional capacities and skills.
It addresses the community and businessman on the culture of integration and the diversity and sheds light on the capabilities of disabled people.
With the help of the government and all organisations for people with disabilities in Uganda, we can learn from the Lebanese experience and implement it in Uganda to fight unemployment among the disabled people.
The government should establish a centre to help disabled people find suitable job opportunities in the job market.
By doing that, they could carry out statistical surveys to find out the number of the disabled people who are unemployed in partnership with PWD organisations hence coming up with a strategic plan for their employment either in the public or private sector.

Necessary measures should be taken to establish a good relationship between disabled people and private sector in providing an appropriate means of transport for the disabled to and from their work place.
Below is a proposed mechanism for employment of the disability people:
• Receive job applications from disabled people at the above proposed centre for assessment and necessary action
• Formation of team to search for job opportunities for the disabled
Study the work place and make a detailed job profiling
• Match the job opportunities with available job applications
Conduction of selection process.
• Follow up the employees at their work place to ensure their well being
• Make required amendments where and when necessary
The government in partnership with PWD organisations should foster the culture of integration in the private sector to make them understand the problems of disabled people.