Friday January 31 2014

Declaring wealth will not redeem police image

By Naissgai

I have read in the Daily Monitor that the Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura, has admitted that police officers are corrupt, citing those in the directorates of criminal investigations and intelligence and traffic as the main culprits.

Gen Kayihura has, thus, ordered police officers to declare their wealth to a committee so that the force can track those who are amassing wealth through dubious dealings.

In my opinion, it is difficult to know who will buy Kayihura’s order to clean up the police of (allegations) of corruption. Asking officers to declare their worth and tracking it will not help concerned Ugandans.
Imagine senior officers accepted a bribe for, say, abating a criminal enterprise such as facilitating drugs transit through Uganda or hiding crucial files. The said officer could circumvent the crime of accepting a bribe, by say, passing the ‘windfall’ to his relatives so as to detach the trail of corruption/bribe.

So, tell me how effective would “tracking officers wealth” be? Even the very implementers of this scheme – the ‘wealth-trackers’ – would need to be recruited outside of planet earth!

Essentially, then, this means Kayihura’s scheme is worthless in the present circumstances. Some of these police officers have God fathers higher up in the system. Worse still, the God fathers consider the officers below them instruments for their own self-aggrandizement and ‘wealth-creators’.

Perhaps most worrying is the fact that some of our police officers have ceased law enforcement and have become political tools of repression against the ruling party’s political opponents (nay, ‘enemies’).
And yet, corruption is deeply embedded in the NRM government structures, starting from the very top. It is no longer ‘An Agenda’ item to address. It is ‘The Agenda’ item to implement - the more the government loses credibility 27 years on. It is like the plunderers are saying : “Who knows about tomorrow. Time is running out”.

What patriotic Ugandans and all who love this beautiful country need—and for which they must offer prayers constantly to God the Almighty — is a government that will address and eradicate corruption in the long-run. I am weeping!