Saturday March 26 2016

Let us all monitor govt programmes

By Fabiano Okware

I would like to thank his Excellency, President Museveni, for delivering such high level ideological talk meant to inculcate on the ideals of the party to the new Members of Parliament but more so, on the affairs of running a nation. Indeed, this is the application of strategies in change management! One of the best applicable strategies for change management is education, communication and sensitisation of the concerned on an intended change for a buy-in. Through these lectures, the new MPs will be able to understand the vision, mission, strategic objectives, core values and the outputs that the party intends to achieve.

The retreat at Kyankwanzi was intended to indoctrinate the new legislators on ideology, legislative practice and principles of political pluralism. The programme showed that the President gave a lecture on geopolitics, regional integration and national interests. On national interests, the talk was directed at government’s priority in tackling poverty at household level.
According to Museveni, the new legislators would be a conduit through which the Ugandans living in abject poverty would be mobilised to engage in commercial farming so that they can get into the money economy bracket.

Indeed as a lecturer, I find the approach of lectures and demonstration as used by the President at Kyankwansi very good. It is intended for driving a point home, as it is always said. Such an approach is indeed what we expect of a leader, being exemplary, motivating his followers, being atop a tree showing his followers where to pass and avoid.

On the other hand, we shall now expect the new MPs to go back to the electorate armed with knowledge, skills and positive attitudes to change the mindsets of the electorate so that they engage in productive activities in pursuit of socio-economic transformation of society.

To the new legislators, all eyes of Ugandan society are on you. We hope you will indeed borrow a leaf from the President’s lectures, demonstrations and rich proverbs in articulating the ideals of society. Your leader has shown you the path that could take you and your people to prosperity. We shall expect you to demonstrate your capabilities and provide leadership that will transform the lives of the citizens of Uganda.

To the electorate, it is not enough to remain lamenting on how our legislators are failing to represent your interests of bringing services nearer, but you are required to demand them. It is your constitutional right.

The fight for corruption should not only be left to the President and his cabinet. We should all partake and ensure that the corrupt are brought to book. Many times we have abdicated our responsibility of failing to report the corrupt to authorities, but end up glorifying them. There has been, and still exists today, the idle talk of pointing at the leaders as the cause of our problems.
In my view, for most cases it is the henchmen, and women of today who use the position of the top executive to selfishly amass wealth for themselves. At the strategic level, government designs good programmes and asks the government representatives to monitor their implementation. Alas! The latter exercise laxity in the implementation, ultimately leading to corruption.

For example, the Entandikwa, Naads, etc, programmes in which government injected substantial amounts of money under the guidance of His Excellency. Who squandered the money? Yes, I am aware many chorus voices will say, Museveni appointed his people. These are the henchmen and women I am talking about! It is our noble duty and role to monitor the operations of these programmes, where we find a mismatch bring to the attention of the appointing authority! How many times have we done that?

Fellow Country men and women, there have been some outbursts from you to the effect that you are tired (mukoye) of the NRM system of government. You want a change! As for me, what is really crucial for the NRM government now is to strengthen the rule of law where every person, including the henchmen and women are held accountable for their actions. Also fundamental is for all citizens to partake in supervision, monitoring and evaluation of government programmes at our disposal. This is the only avenue for bringing sanity in our society and nation.