Mandela,we will honour your memory

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By George Ntambaazi

Posted  Thursday, December 12  2013 at  02:00

By any measure deceased icon Nelson Mandela is not only South Africa’s greatest son as President Jacob Zuma recently said but in my opinion the greatest African of all time. No other person in the modern Africa tells us what it is like to believe in ideas like Justice, freedom, goodness and love and pursue them to their logical conclusion.

The striking feature about Mandela is that he did not only believe in these ideas but he has transcended them. Because of the many emotional and courageous tales from Mandela mixed tears of sorrow and joy rolled down the chins of many including this writer when news of his demise trickled in.

Madiba, as he is popularly known by his clan name, will always remain an exceptional hero to humanity. He resisted the pathetic apartheid system, paid a heavy price and harshness of imprisonment for 27 years, reconciled with his tormentors, and set an incredible legacy of ruling for only one term as president. He escaped the trappings of power and left an incredible legacy as a leader.

He set the bar so high that to date or for generations to come, no African hero of legend will most likely ever go through such protracted trials and clandestine journey in order to arrive at such an improbable victory.

Even in his later years, with all the pomp and global appeal he attracted, Madiba remained simple and true to his beliefs and values.
Mzee Mandela, your road to freedom was far from smooth, and even as you go to meet your maker, your case is unforgettable and an ultimate triumph.

You might rightly remember very well that the people of Uganda showed you love and affection when you last visited in 1998 and are determined to uphold your values. For many of us who never got to meet you in person, we shall always have good memories of you.
In more practical terms Ugandans reiterate their promise to maintain Mandela National Stadium at all times in your memory. We also want to share with you an open secret and fact as you peacefully rest that we have not lost any sports battle at Namboole stadium, all in memory of your resilience.

May your soul rest in eternal peace.