Thursday April 3 2014

Mr President,please fulfill your pledges

By Ibrahim B. Kisubi

On March 24, the Daily Monitor (on page 10), published a captivating cartoon of President Museveni carrying a heavy baggage of pledges made since 1986. This drove my attention to Busoga sub-region, my homeland, where Mr Museveni has made many empty promises.

Recently, the Government Assurances Committee of Parliament published a report detailing unfulfilled pledges estimated at Shs11.8 trillion. These are promises the President has made to Ugandans since 1986 when he took over power.

As expected, State House officials disregarded the report. I, however, implore them to be honest on whether Mr Museveni has kept the grand promises he made to Ugandans in the last 28 years. Personally. I am saddened that the highest number of unfulfilled promises, according to the report, are in Busoga with Kamuli District leading at 69 promises and Jinja with 48. Most of the unfulfilled pledges are meant for rehabilitating various social service infrastructure, including dilapidated hospitals and agricultural schemes, among others. There are 156 such promises and Jinja district has 16 unfulfilled promises in that category followed by Kasese with nine, Kamuli and Luuka both with eight promises.

The Basoga had expected Mr Museveni to fulfill these promises as part of the Prosperity For All initiative but these promises seem to be calculated moves for political gains. I think it’s time for all Ugandans to interest themselves not just in the governance of Uganda but community initiatives.

I love the way Theodore J. Lowi put it in his book, The Personal President: Power Invested, Promise Unfulfilled. Lowi describes and deplores the way modern presidents, abetted by a willing public, have come to identify themselves with the State. They are elected on the basis of impossible promises, are driven to deceitful lengths to maintain the appearance of success, but are doomed to failure. Lowi predicted hard times for US President Reagan during the remainder of his second term, in the same way I predict hard times for Uganda’s Museveni for the rest of his political life.