Monday April 28 2014

NRM consultative process is to educate citizens on govt programmes

By Patrick Nakabale

We the NRM Members of Parliament unanimously moved a resolution during the recent Kyankwanzi retreat urging the President to offer himself up for another term on account of his outstanding leadership. President Museveni has fought for freedom and democracy in the trenches, and put the country on the right development trajectory.

For the above reason, NRM legislators are traversing their constituencies engaging the wananchi in the deliberations that took place at the Kyankwanzi retreat. The media has been awash with suggestions that we are “selling President Museveni’s sole candidature” ostensibly to weed out any internal competition against the NRM Chairman at the delegates conference. This is not true.

The Kyankwazi resolution contains the commitments of the NRM government in delivering effective services to the people, and as such the people, to whom the NRM government is accountable, must be informed on the work done in the last three years since the NRM won elections, and what remains to be done.

We are simply engaging the people in the collective development process and also urging them to vote for President Museveni in 2016 so that he can continue with the development agenda.

This brings us to the crucial point of what and how we are supposed to engage the wananchi. As earlier observed, there are people dispensing a lot of politicking to the people, and in my humble opinion, they are not doing enough justice to the people we serve.

I am not saying we should not talk politics with the people. We can, provided the political talk is geared towards development, social and economic welfare of the citizens, etc. The ongoing political engagement must reflect the true desires and aspirations of the people in line with the blue print of the NRM manifesto, National Development Plan and Vision 2040.

Our people would want to hear more from us about government’s plans, policies and programmes in key sectors like roads, railway networks, energy, markets for their commodities, access to quality health, education; how we are planning to revamp agriculture with value addition and cheap agricultural financing, among others.

A farmer in the remote village of Masulita in Wakiso District needs to hear about planting materials or improved seed varieties that government is distributing. A dairy farmer in Namayumba needs to be assured of constant electricity supply for his milk cooling systems.
The role of leaders shouldn’t only end at talking and playing politics with the people, but mobilising and guiding the people to take advantage of the government programmes that are designed to emancipate them from poverty and unemployment.

As we reach out to the masses with the kyankwanzi resolutions, we are addressing the most critical needs and aspirations of the people in line with the development trajectory underpinned by the NRM government.

In this regard, therefore, the wanainchi should welcome the consultative process and take the opportunity to meaningful engage or participate in the development process in appreciation of the milestones the NRM government has registered in the last 30 years and how to collectively consolidate the gains.

Mr Nakabale is the Youth MP-Central region