Wednesday January 8 2014

These steps will ease your life in the new year

By Dorah C. Mafabi

The holidays are over and many of us are back to work with resolutions, hopes, plans and dreams for 2014. Resolutions should be smart, practical and inspiring.

Here are some helpful steps Do not engage in human trafficking: 2013 saw a continued increase in cases of trafficking in persons. So, if you are thinking of getting a job abroad, please know that for someone else, it is an opportunity to sell another person into modern day slavery.

Use a lawyer –always: It is often said that lawyers are too expensive hence many people opt to seal deals based on personal whims. If you are renting a house, buying land, selling property or something else, consult a lawyer. In the long run, they save you a lot of heartache and money.

Do not self medicate: This is perhaps one of the most common health risks and is worsened by the threat of expired medication on the shelves of ubiquitous pharmacies. While good medical care is expensive, the dangers of self medication gone bad are often quite disastrous and lethal. There are simple things to do to evade some illnesses - sleep under a mosquito net, clear bushes around your house, keep dangerous items out of reach of children, exercise/walk, and steer clear of fast foods, too much alcohol and a sedentary lifestyle.

Do not lend money: Before you lend money, remember that there is a good chance you will forfeit your money and the police will not be able to help since it is hoped the parties should sort the matter in a civil manner. At wedding meetings, give what you have but do not promise because you will not be able to contain the barrage of reminders to meet your financial obligation.

Work smart, not hard: Some people are work horses but get nowhere. Work smart, respect time, be swift and practical, seek out better opportunities –take bold chances, challenge the status quo and stretch your limits.

Save: Many of us are not able to do certain things because our expenditures exceed our disposable income. Let us save, just a little bit every month and see what happens in December 2014.

Shun poor service providers: We should highlight poor service provision in restaurants, taxis, shops, horrid receptionists and every place that provides anything but good service. Services are not a favour so we should demand value for our money.
Happy 2014 Everyone!