Monday September 26 2016

Why abortion should never be legalised

By Kavuma Kaggwa

I am writing to wholeheartedly support the views expressed by Church of Uganda Archbishop Stanley Ntagali who warned the government and the proponents of the rumored abortion Bill that the practice is ungodly and is likely to cause doom to the country, (Daily Monitor, September 9).

If we legalise abortion now or in the future, we shall lead this country to darkness.

The two holy books, the Bible and the Koran, state clearly that God said – “Go and reproduce and fill the earth”.

This reminds me of a doctor in India, Dr Ganesh Raj who had hospitals in Delhi and Bombay. When a woman gave birth to a baby girl in his hospital, Dr Ganesh would celebrate with people around him including the mother. He used to say that “a home without a baby girl or babies is like a village without a water spring”.

What we must know is that when a country has a big population, that country is advantaged in many ways. Among the many people, you will have first class intellectuals, thinkers, writers, planners, teachers, scientists, doctors, farmers, bankers, traders, marketing experts, politicians, international diplomats, engineers, soldiers, religious leaders, pilots, nuclear scientists, ship builders, insurance experts, economists, international traders and many others. Of course this is not to say that overpopulated countries are the most well-off or that everyone in a given country will contribute positively to the economy. However if a big population is educated and well-facilitated, the country stands to benefit in many ways.

I remember some years ago, two countries Italy and Japan, tried to limit their population but after some years, they realised that if they continued with that policy, they would end up with a population of mostly old people. They were forced to change the policy.

Again, I remember what happened to both Iran and Iraq, in the Middle East after 10 years of war of supremacy after the Ayatolla Khomein Revolution of 1979, which overthrew the Shah (emperor) of Iran.

The two countries found they were in a terrible state of acute depopulation after losing thousands of young men in the 10 year war. What was left were old men of 60 years and above and young girls. Again earlier on, Khomein had annihilated thousands of American trained experts and technocrats because, according to him, they were American oriented.

The leaders in the two countries ordered a population increase campaign. In Iraq, the then president Saddam Hussein, decreed that a woman who gave birth would be rewarded by government. These countries managed to increase their populations.

If abortion is legalised, I am sure the achievement of “Vision 2040” and the “Middle Class Income Status” strategy would be affected in one way or another. If we legalise abortion today, in 2066, the population of Uganda will be a skeleton of about 10 million people.

For us who know the dangers of legalising abortion, we will fight to the end so that it is never legalised. I am waiting to see which Member of Parliament will have the audacity to support that Bill if it ever comes up in Parliament.