13  hours ago

Give nursing profession the attention it deserves

With the shortage of doctors, nurses go a long way to be key medical service providers thus they must be encouraged to attaint utmost expertise in their field...

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1 day ago

Boosting agriculture: Show us the money

Last financial year, the sector received Shs865 billion, which came down to 3.8 per cent of the Budget. The agriculture sector’s budget framework paper for this financial year indicates that well...

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2 days ago

We stand for Kayihura’s rights he denied others

He wielded enormous power, police under him brutalised citizens, criminalised political activities of the Opposition, kidnapped and illegally repatriated political exiles to neighbouring countries...

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3 days ago

Keep off fuel trucks involved in accidents

We propose that the government must press the pedal harder on public awareness and safety precautions for all road users and residents and implement them to the letter...

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4 days ago

Invest more in agriculture to modernise economy

But to give credible answers to this critical question, it is important that we first understand the place of agriculture in Uganda’s economy...

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5 days ago

Let Entebbe expressway be our new standard

The road shall, however, be fully open to use in November when construction of the toll facilities and other final touches are expected to have been completed...

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