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Provide school facilities to check girl dropout

Yesterday, Daily Monitor carried a heart-breaking story with the headline, ‘Girls abandon school over sharing pit-latrine with boys. Lulongo Primary School in Mubende District has only one...

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Ugandan sport missing national Hall of Fame

It is very galling that Uganda’s greatest ever footballer Omondi is only remembered by those who watched him in his heyday...

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Kampala needs trees, not a concrete jungle

t is not important to know the “population” of trees in the city, what is important is that trees are seen everywhere one turns and the starting point should be to identify “tree-less” areas....

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Why should govt create parallel ad hoc systems?

The report is in response to President Museveni’s directive demanding information on how much money ministries and agencies were costing government....

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Addressing gender issues critical in national development

While the physical form of violence is most prominent, focus needs to be put in forms of violence such as sexual violence, especially to girls in form of defilement and early marriages. ...

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Cancel all illegal titles on govt forestry land

It should be noted that the 96 cancelled land titles are only in three forests - Namanve, Nonve and Kyewaga in Wakiso District...

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