Curb violent students’ strikes to avoid losses

What can be done to tame the increasing students’ strikes?...

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17  hours ago

Is police duty to defy or enforce lawful orders?

The unscrupulous individuals in State House or close to the President are using the police to undermine the rule of law, which they are constitutionally mandated to enforce...

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1 day ago

Spread Swim Safe efforts countrywide

This small move by a Kalangala-based NGO, seeks to scale down frequent deaths by drowning, especially on lakes Victoria and Albert...

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Religious leaders, do more to save marriages

Many of them will snap up any chance that shows up for marriage even without proper courtship and understanding of the partner’s background and mannerisms...

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Sports bodies must rise above culture of buses

But weighed against more pressing needs for most sports institutions in the country, buses become a luxury that can be done without...

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Who has let the dogs out?

The starting point is sensitisation of the public that keeps dogs for security at homes but are not able to feed them well, give them medical care and restrict them in their compounds. They should...

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