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Water everywhere, but none for irrigation

Instead of scattering our efforts in supporting agriculture in an uncoordinated way, it would pay dividends to focus on solving problems related to water storage and the avoidable scarcity during...

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2 days ago

Police posts closure raises more questions

The new leadership of Uganda Police Force should be encouraged to do whatever it takes to streamline the Force with a view to improving the security situation in the country...

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Why UN should keep its Entebbe centre

The Ugandan government has made available free land more than is required for the Centre’s expansion in Entebbe, and stands ready with additional commitments...

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4 days ago

President must issue policies, not handouts

The handouts amount to treatment of the symptoms and not the disease...

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Paying mob for killing suspect bad precedent

Why couldn’t the mob arrest and tie the man without resorting to beating him to death?...

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Lessons from Gold Coast should not be wasted

Australia’s economy has definitely benefited from the more than 4,500 athletes from 71 nations who have been visitors for a large part of the past fortnight...

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