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KCCA a reminder of why institutional order is key

On Saturday night, KCCA FC held a dinner to celebrate the club’s first ever League and Cup double in the illustrious history of the team...

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Let’s borrow a leaf from Kenya on sanitary pads

Kenya, like Uganda a year ago, is in the election season and is expected to go to the polls on August 8 to elect a new president...

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Take Top 100 Business Survey to the people

The annual survey, which is increasingly becoming important in the lives of Ugandan entrepreneurs, was launched in 2009 by both Monitor Publications and KPMG...

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Don’t sweep Cosase report under carpet

The report of the investigations by Parliament’s Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (Cosase) into the oil cash bonanza payments must not be swept under the...

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What can be done to reduce cancer deaths in Uganda?

Recently, the media carried a story of a man who was left unattended to at the Cancer Institute in Mulago and died hours later....

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Letter to President: The economy is actually weak and quite sick

Mr President, you may need to summon whoever gave you the dossier on the health status of the economy based on a single variable (‘surplus’ electricity) for breach of professionalism and possible...

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