17  hours ago

Case for strong regional blocs

The people of The Gambia last month voted to end the 22-year rule of Mr Yahya Jammeh. Mr Jammeh had ruled the tiny West African country with steel and forced thousands into exile. Many lost their...

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1 day ago

Donate blood and save lives

According to the Uganda Blood Transfusion Services, “the country requires at least 340,000 units of blood annually as recommended by World Health Organisation, yet about 200,000 units are...

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2 days ago

KCCA, show human face on evictions

Some of them vend items using money they borrowed from banks or Saccos. Yet they were reportedly seeing some of the law enforcers picking their destroyed timber and mangled iron sheets ...

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3 days ago

Let Parliament do its oversight work

Parliament, which had been suspended indefinitely by the Speaker over a week ago until the interim court order stopping the MPs’ inquiry into the money has been waived, has now resumed business...

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4 days ago

Tackle fire outbreaks with urgency, rigour

The country is back to the menace of destructive fire outbreaks. Property that local leaders estimate to be worth Shs50 million was gutted at Anaka Hospital on Monday...

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5 days ago

We hope for Cranes’ best show at Afcon

The Cranes have never won the competition; our best performance has only been as runners-up on March 16, 1978, when we lost to today’s opponents...

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