23  hours ago

Seizure of second-hand underwear not enough

Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) last week seized a number of bales of used undergarments that were on sale in downtown Kampala...

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1 day ago

Rescue country from embarrassing food crisis

It was reported yesterday that in the eastern region of the country, residents in Tisai Island, Kumi District are handing over national Identity Cards as security to local businessmen in exchange...

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2 days ago

Improve health units to decongest referrals

The Ministry of Health has said it will no longer accept to treat patients who just walk into regional referral hospitals without referral letters from lower health facilities (see Daily Monitor,...

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3 days ago

Mao must face the demons haunting DP

Today, party leader Norbert Mao finds himself encircled by an unrelenting protagonist in what he sees as an extension of Ssuubi, a tribal enclave inside his party, which has so aggressively turned...

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4 days ago

Do more than just parade armed gang suspects

The startling confession by paraded armed gang suspects that police officers and police patrol cars are used to aid their preparations for violent break-ins, attacks and robberies are disturbing...

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5 days ago

Innovation fund should support students

Five students from Lira Town College have developed a mobile app that enables HIV-positive people to access anti-retroviral drugs easier....

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