19  hours ago

Fix competing interests to make Kampala work

Some of the gains, as Musisi listed, include cleaning up the city, clearing vendors off the streets, and demolishing street side kiosks, are commendable...

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1 day ago

Protect the integrity of our exams systemProtect the integrity of our exams system

The downside of this vice, however, is that many of those who sit for the exams without external aid, work at a disadvantage yet the marking system does not take this into account...

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3 days ago

State of our healthcare requires better planning

The hospital, which has only one maternity ward to handle all expectant mothers referred from lower health centres, has now been forced to discharge mothers a few hours after delivery to create...

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4 days ago

Key questions on Bududa disaster

By the time of this writing, 300 people are missing and at least 40 are confirmed dead. Little action beyond residents and some volunteers cutting through the mud and heavy stones in search of...

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5 days ago

Uganda must adapt to climate change fast

We need to increase the levels of education among Ugandans. Citizens need to be made more responsible for their actions through improving their scientific knowledge of climate change. And this...

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6 days ago

Irrigation assurance okay but more needs to be done

Although the irrigation call has been on for long, it is still good news that the President has not lost focus on what needs to be done to boost agriculture productivity so as to reduce food...

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6 days ago

Punish culprits of the Karamoja housing fiasco

The supervisor of the construction admitted that the poor craftsmanship is responsible for the collapsing buildings because they were built without a strong foundation and walls...

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Wed Oct 10 01:28:00 EAT 2018

Integrate citizens’ data to CCTV camera system

The operators, who are IT professionals serving in Uganda Police Force, demonstrated that images captured as far as five kilometres away, could be zoomed in to examine granular details...

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Tue Oct 09 11:09:57 EAT 2018

Let’s celebrate Obwona’s Wildlife Ranger award

Obwona should be celebrated publicly...

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Mon Oct 08 13:16:35 EAT 2018

Referees must honour their badges and do a decent job

The match, which ended in a 2-1 victory for the Venoms, has been a point of discussion in most football circles with the major issue revolving around the validity of Waiswa’s winner...

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