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Martyrs Day: Benefit from faith-based tourism

Next weekend, Uganda will be cast in international light as the world pays homage to the Uganda Martyrs on June 3....

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SIM cards: Let this be last extension

Now that the President has ordered for an extension of the SIM card registration deadline, it is imperative that all mobile phone owners who had not, for one reason or another registered, should...

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2 days ago

Push South Sudan into all-inclusive dialogue

On Monday, South Sudan president Salva Kiir launched the National Dialogue for peace...

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Address rising cost of living

Yesterday’s Daily Monitor cover story stated that the cost of feeding a family has gone up by 30 per cent since last year...

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Nalufenya is a disgrace

To get a glimpse of what goes on inside the cells, Sunday Monitor spoke to some people who have been tortured at Nalufenya....

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We need to shift the debate on wetlands

Experts this week warned that Wakiso District will have no wetlands in the next five years if the current rate of degradation is not checked. But it is not just Wakiso that we need to worry about...

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