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Government should curb blood shortage

The issue of blood shortage is not new. In 2013, Fort Portal Hospital had to reserve the limited units of blood for emergencies in the Rwenzori sub-region. In January this year, blood shortage in...

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Ladies have earned the right to be treated better

The Charlotte Mudoola-captained side were hoping to upstage giants Africa and Kenya to qualify for the 2018 Rugby World Cup Sevens in USA....

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Keep military out of age limit debate

The army spokesperson found himself in a difficult situation when asked by the press and chose not to comment on the claims, only maintaining that the army will stick to its mandate of protecting...

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3 days ago

Tap into Diaspora Fund to promote industrialisation

The 19 Comesa member states agreed to facilitate their nationals all over the globe to contribute into a fund geared towards industrialisation...

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UNBS stamps don’t ensure meat is safe

Beyond stamping on the meat (usually one or two stamps that will be invisible after a few chops), UNBS needs to address itself to where the meat is actually sold and how it is transported...

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Government should up its game on disaster management

The government’s perpetual ill-preparedness to deal with disasters, be it a river bursting its banks such as happened with River Unyama in 2013 and on August 21 or landslides such as those that...

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