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Deducting MPs’ pay illegal, dangerous

The manner and basis of making pay deductions are found in The Employment Act, 2006, which the House enacted. It provides that deductions from the remuneration due to an employee must be “any tax,...

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Let hospitals agree on immunisation

The government and private hospitals have disagreed on rather a small issue that is set to cost lives that is if it has not already. ...

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Kadaga didn’t have to land in playing field

By the time the helicopter airlifted out of Legends, the game had lost 20 minutes...

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Uganda Police Force must be impartial

We opine that while it is not illegal for police to legally detain a suspect in any part of the country, the Force must not abuse this discretion...

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Crack the whip on early and late night classes

The Minister of Education and Sports, Ms Janet Museveni, early this year asked schools to stop teaching children as early as 6am or beyond the mandatory 5pm....

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Thu Jul 20 01:00:00 EAT 2017

Don’t kill people’s 1995 Constitution

In Darkness At Noon, Arthur Koestler, describing the well-intentioned Russian revolution which was hijacked by the ruling elite, said politicians only use the people, but do not recognise their...

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