Stop ‘enforced disappearances’

Two journalists have been kidnaped in the last few months by what are believed to be security operatives in blatant violation of their rights and Uganda’s obligations under both national and...

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23  hours ago

Don’t politicise blood donation

The agency late last year cried out for blood donation, attributing the stock-out to prolonged holiday season for students who constitute the major blood donors...

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Govt should sort out traffic jam menace

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) estimates, there are 635,656 vehicles in Uganda today, an increase from 50,102 in 1991. While this is true, the narrative tells just part of the story...

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Avert looming tragedy on Arua hanging bridge

What passes for a bridge today is now a structure of wooden logs loosely joined together by nails courtesy of desperate residents...

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UPDF soldiers must stop misconduct

Besides the savagery, this display of brute force accentuates the irony of a military that in theory should be professionalised or professionalising ...

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Protect the forest or the tree won’t have a home

A joint investigation by NMG Uganda exposed the fact that trees are being cut down, in the dead of the night,...

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