Tuesday September 11 2018

Bring killers to book to reduce rising tempers

Police detectives at the scene where former Bu

Police detectives at the scene where former Buyende District Police Commander Muhammad Kirumira was gunned down at Bulenga in Wakiso District last Saturday. PHOTO BY ALEX ESAGALA 

By Editor

As the headline of yesterday’s Daily Monitor stated, Kirumira’s killing has angered the nation. People are scared, frustrated and appalled at the state of the goings on. There are many reasons that the citizens feel this way of which three are paramount.
First, the citizens through social media and other platforms, have voiced their fears of the state of security in the country. Former Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga and former Buyende District police commander Muhammad Kirumira have this year been shot dead by men riding on motorcycles.

Abiriga and Kirumira are not the first to have been killed this way. Former police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi, a former commander of the rebel Allied Democratic Forces, Maj Mohammed Kiggundu and former assistant director of Public Prosecutions Joan Kagezi, were all killed this way. The brutal killings by men riding motorcycles continue at will and citizens are wondering whether their security can be assured wherever they are.
Secondly, people are upset that none of the cases have been fully resolved. There are still unanswered questions that abound over what really is going on in the country. The public wants to know why the killings of high profile people and others have never been resolved. If a whole AIGP, MP and assistant director of public prosecution can be killed in such a cruel manner and no answers have been given, how can ordinary citizens be sure that if they or their loved ones were killed, the cases would be solved?

Thirdly, citizens feel that the authorities are not doing enough to curb these killings. This was evidenced in the public reactions after Abiriga’s and Kirumira’s killings. During Kurumira’s burial, government officials, including Internal Affairs minister Jeje Odongo and police spokesperson Emilian Kayima faced the public’s wrath when people threw stones, food and water bottles at them.
The online version of this newspaper yesterday quoted one mourner shouting, “We are tired of your government. You have failed to protect us. We are tired.” This shows the extent to which people have become emotional over the loss of their loved ones. The killing of Kirumira should inject a sense of urgency into the government and not just to respond by making big promises.

The plans the President outlined, including installation of scanners at borders, finger-printing guns, and installation of CCTV cameras should be applauded. But more needs to be done. The government must bring to book the criminals who have been involved in these murders. Otherwise, people’s anger will continue to grow and there is no telling what it can turn into.

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