Saturday November 11 2017

Garbage management must be improved to avert crisis

garbage fort portal manure

Garbage in Fortportal to be turned into manure. PHOTO BY FRANCIS TUSIIME 


Waste disposal is quickly becoming a challenge across many towns. Media reports have over the last couple of months highlighted the poor management of garbage in different districts.
According to the reports, the towns lack proper disposal grounds, thus huge amounts of garbage is littered in various locations to the extent of blocking roads. In Iganga District, for instance, some roads have turned into garbage dumps, forcing residents to find alternative routes. This has also affected the businesses in the area, prompting the youth to demonstrate.

Town officials have blamed this mishap on the breakdown of garbage trucks and also decried the careless dumping of rubbish by residents. In areas such as Buwama on Masaka Highway, residents reported that although the town has garbage trucks, their garbage was last collected in November last year despite the residents continuing to pay garbage collection fees.

With the rainy season underway, improper disposal of garbage is a health time bomb. District officials need to urgently attend to the issue of hygiene in their areas as this puts residents at high risk of contracting diseases.
Most areas already have dumping sites. These should be put to proper use and collection must also be regulated as needed. There are various private companies already involved in garbage collection; these can be valuable partners at this point. However, it should be ensured that residents are not exploited.
Sensitisation of residents is also key as it has been reported in some of these towns that the cause of this garbage dilemma is the careless dumping of waste by residents. Where need be, erring residents should be fined.

Proper structures for disposal need to be set up and residents also encouraged to use them. One can commend KCCA for the rubbish bins in many areas of the city. However, dumps in residential areas must also be put in place for locals.
Market places and other environs that are susceptible to unhygienic garbage disposal must be given due attention. Unless the need for proper disposal is seen as a priority, this issue will keep growing.