Happy New Year our dear readers

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By Editorial

Posted  Wednesday, January 1   2014 at  02:00

In Summary

Failure to change our ways will mean another missed opportunity. Let’s seize the moment. Happy New Year!


Congratulations upon making it to the New Year. For many, it has not been easy making it into 2014. As a publication, we are glad that you have made it this far. Take time to celebrate the gift of life. But as you celebrate, remember that this gift of life presents us with a great opportunity to dream and actively work towards a better life and country for us and our children.

The previous year presented various challenges for us as a country. Even as modest progress was registered in various spheres of life, many questions were asked about the future that awaits us, especially in the short and medium term.

2014 presents new and old opportunities and challenges for every Ugandan but even more importantly, for those in various leadership positions in this country. Many of Uganda’s challenges can be linked to the weak and selfish leadership tendencies of our leaders over the years. And this is not limited to leaders in government.

The acute lack of courageous and selfless leadership runs across most spheres of life in Uganda – from the household or community level to the top echelons of government.
The inability of our leaders to humble themselves and seek to selflessly serve their people is what largely explains the extent of the unfairness and blatant abuse of power and due process in our country.

Towards the close of 2013, the world was literally brought to a halt following the passing on of arguably the greatest leader of our generation - Nelson Mandela. That great example of a humble yet courageous and selfless leader should not go to waste.

This year offers leaders in Uganda a new opportunity to serve with humility, courage and selflessness. Applying these timeless and tested leadership values will go a long way in changing the state of affairs in this country.

Given that we have tested the bitter fruits of greedy, conceited and selfish leadership, we ought to know better. Failure to change our ways will mean another missed opportunity. Let’s seize the moment.

Happy New Year!