Saturday February 8 2014

Publicise findings of Kadaga bomb plot

By Editorial

Police are investigating an alleged plot to kill the Speaker of Parliament Ms Rebecca Kadaga by unknown assailants using a “letter bomb.” Apparently two weeks ago, a parcel containing the mail bomb and addressed to Kadaga was couriered to Parliament and thereafter picked up by her aide. It exploded in his face inflicting grievous facial injuries on him. It is suspected Kadaga was the prime target. But the motive is not yet known. There was also a story that poisonous pellets had been placed on Kadaga’s eating tray about two months ago.

Given what has been happening around the person of the Speaker in the past one year and in recent months, the latest incident is likely to spark conspiracy theories on the culprits and motive behind the alleged plot on Kadaga’s life.

In the past one year, there have been lingering reports that Kadaga wants to stand for president in 2016. Although she has not declared her candidature publicly, the speculation has refused to go away. Several top NRM officials have also accused her of siding with the opposition to undermine government or party interests during parliamentary proceedings.

These claims, however false or credible they may be, are enough to suggest a political motive to eliminate her. On the other hand, two months ago, Kadaga presided over a Parliament sitting which passed the anti-homosexuality Bill. She has been roundly condemned by gays and pro-gay lobbyists worldwide for allowing the passing of the law. This also is enough to suggest a motive on the side of the opponents of the anti-gay law to liquidate the Speaker.

Such woven theories can ignite unjustified public anger against certain sections of society perceived to be behind the alleged attempt on her life. This could result in undesirable consequences for the affected parties and the country generally.

Therefore, police and intelligence personnel should expeditiously and thoroughly investigate the incident and establish the actual truth.

Any slight indication of negligence or incompetence in the investigations by government authorities will be perceived as a deliberate cover-up and accusing fingers will be pointed at the state. But the police can prevent this scenario by conducting a credible investigation that leaves no doubt on the cause of the alleged letter bomb.