Tuesday January 28 2014

Awarding medals to freedom fighters is honourable

By Jessy Ofwoni

It is honourable for President Museveni to recognise the contributions of the various personalities, who received national medals, for their contribution to this country.

Most recipients got the Nalubaale medal while others were awarded the Golden Jubilee Independence medal. The Nalubaale medal is granted to civilian activists who have contributed to political development of Uganda either through armed or unarmed struggle for independence.

The Golden Jubilee Independence medal is bestowed to Ugandans for their outstanding service and loyalty to the country since independence. There is indeed a lot to celebrate in the 28th Anniversary of the National Resistance Movement victory in 1986, unlike the previous regimes that have come and gone since Uganda’s Independence in 1962.

I commend the President, for his transparency through his willingness to expose the indiscipline in the NRA now NRM, since they took power 28 years ago.
This portrays the president as a principled and democratic leader unlike most world leaders who would not bring this to light for fear of criticism and condemnation.

Jessy Ofwoni