‘Ghosts’ on payrolls

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Posted  Thursday, December 12  2013 at  02:00

For several years, civil servants were not issued with pay-slips. When pay-slips were eventually issued, some teachers, me inclusive, discovered that we were included on payrolls of schools we do not work for and strange names were imported to our school’s payroll.
Teachers in Luweero, have made attempts to contact the concerned officers but have been assured that there is nothing to worry about since the officers are aware of this anomaly.
We, ‘the ghosts,’ contacted the ministry of Education to check if these anomalies tallied with their personnel bio-data. Fortunately, the ministry’s records clearly reflects the correct details of the staffing establishment in the affected schools and they are totally different from that of Public Service and Finance ministries.
Why is there no inter-ministerial coordination on this matter? It is obvious unscrupulous officers, for selfish reasons, are responsible for this scam, just as was the case in the pension sector.

Name withheld