Amend Electoral Commission Act

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Posted  Saturday, February 22   2014 at  02:00

If Uganda is to achieve democracy, priority should be given to amending the Electoral Commission Act and establishing an independent electoral commission with its chairman and the commissioners appointed like any other civil servant.

The current position in the Constitution provides for the members of the electoral commission to be appointed by the President with approval of Parliament. The public finds it so hard to associate and own the process because it knows that the current electoral commission is controlled by the President, since the Constitution gives him the right to choose the chairman, secretary and the commissioners.

Uganda is now under a multi-party democratic system of governance, it would be prudent for this government to ensure all the institutions adjust accordingly by amending the Constitution to befit the system and contribute to its growth rather than curtailing it. The electoral commission should be non-partisan for all candidates to have a level playing ground.

Deborah Namirimu,

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