Tuesday December 11 2012

Amin helped to grow Uganda economically

Although many Ugandans curse Idi Amin and his regime, he was not entirely bad. Some people say we did not achieve any good thing during his regime except brutality and dictatorship, but others praise him for the great business skills they acquired during his regime.

Before his nationalisation policy of 1972, some Ugandans who tried to search for jobs in some ‘White man’s’ businesses, however skilled they were, were humiliated after being chased away and abused that ‘’there are no vacancies for blacks in our businesses’’

After 1972, many Ugandans acquired some property, including businesses. Those who were wise acquired managerial skills and kept the businesses running.

Many Ugandans greatly enjoyed working in the country because they had dominated Uganda’s economy unlike our neighbours in Kenya whose economy is dominated by foreigners. Therefore, we need to credit Amin since we acquired a lot of business skills during and after his regime.

Abraham Kizza,