Anti- Homosexuality Bill: Sex education should be our focus

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Posted  Tuesday, December 31  2013 at  02:00

The law is blind. Culprits often elude it and, like lawyers, is dead to truth and reality. An abundance of laws and lawyers almost always leads to lawlessness. Arguably, enacting laws to sanction every act of human nature and tendency, rather than provide a regulatory framework where everybody reaps from their actions and choices, always leads to disorder.

How does this apply to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill as passed by the 9th Parliament? To ease the process of crafting a manual on how to deal with gays, let us subject the matter to a census (of who is gay and who is not). If they emerge as majority, the government would know it’s too late to institute a popular law but rather one of cultural correctness.

A Bill which touches the basic set up of and connections of the social order attracts an avalanche of back and forth arguments. Due consideration almost always keeps enactment pending “forever”, as is the case with the Marriage and Divorce Bill.

An entire new law, with costs to implement while risking global partnerships is a costly fight with shadows. Sex education and case by case treatment is the way to go.

Robert Atuhairwe,