Sunday February 23 2014

Anti-Corruption Bill should be passed into law

By Roggers Akanyijuka

All social problems and indiscipline are a result of lack of ethics and integrity. It is not surprising that cases of corruption and office mismanagement in public governance are on the increase.

MPs passed a Bill to amend the anti-Corruption Act (2009)and the Principle Act to give it effect to eradicate corruption.

Once the Bill is passed in to law, culprits of corruption will have to return the stolen money, even when the property or money is registered in a relative’s name before they are sentenced to serve their prison terms. This was lacking in the corruption law thus granting room for the culprits to enjoy the money after serving short prison sentences.

This time round, the corrupt will not go free. I am impressed with the twists in the government legislation especially the laws; it will help to eliminate the wrong elements in the public services and standardize the social discipline.

Roggers Akanyijuka,