Anti-retroviral drugs do not cure Aids

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By Paul Wanaye

Posted  Tuesday, December 3  2013 at  02:00

While the use of anti-retroviral drugs improves the lives of people living with HIV/Aids, these drugs are not a cure for the disease. ARVs can, in some cases, extend the life of somebody living with HIV for as many as eight to 12 years, and even more.

But there is still no cure for HIV and one will eventually die from Aids-related causes or the side-effects of the drugs. Remember that HIV is easily preventable.

ARVS only work to slow down the progression of the disease, so that a person with HIV can live longer without the onset of Aids and Aids-related diseases.

It works by controlling the replication process of the sneaky HIV-virus, which attacks your immune system by making fake copies of your DNA so that it seems like a normal part of your body, fooling it into thinking that the HIV particles are friendly and, therefore, do not need to be attacked like other viruses. People on ARVs need to take them every day for the rest of their lives.

It is time to be real and accept the fact that prevention is the only cure. The HIV-virus may be freakishly clever, but you can outsmart it by using a condom if you’re sexually active and abstaining from sex. You know how it goes: The safest sex, to any human being, is no sex.
Paul Wanaye,