Thursday August 28 2014

Army could improve service delivery in agriculture sector

By Aloysius Kato Matovu

The initiative by President Museveni to incorporate army personnel in social service delivery has attracted varying reactions.

Government over the years has invested colossal amounts of public funds in socio-economic projects and programmes for infrastructural development to alleviate poverty but the benefits to the community hitherto, are not commensurate with the scale of inputs, to the disapproval of the population.

The involvement of the army and its attendant discipline could improve accountability and value for money implementation generating, of course, political mileage to Museveni and NRM.

The supervisory role played by the army, for example, might check the practice of wanton overpricing costs as often is the case for agricultural inputs where a piglet is priced at more than Shs130,000, the price of a mature one.

Realistic market-oriented pricing will result in more farmers covered.

Government procured road maintenance equipment for all districts so as to cover more road distance done under the community access road fund.
Instead, districts continue to cover the same workload in distance covered even when they just fuel and maintain the broad construction equipment; a less costly undertaking than equipment hire.

In addition, the army will generate good will for government and portray it as a more caring entity to the population and probably update the masses on relevant developments.

Aloysius Kato Matovu,