Saturday June 7 2014

Avoid disciplinary methods that traumatise children

By Charlotte Muhwezi

I have learnt that there are disciplinary methods that can help a child know how to stop doing wrong without being scarred;
Make sure that your behaviour is exemplarily. If you’re always telling lies infront of your children, you have no moral authority to spank them when they do the same. Acknowledge your children when they do right.
Do not make statements you can’t live up to. Such statements make the children think that you are not a person of your word. When you say something, mean it and only say what you can do rather than making empty threats.

Harsh punishments take away your power as a parent. Show your child that your love is unconditional even when administering a punishment.

Set home rules. The child might complain but they will appreciate that you are in control.
Spanking children teaches them that it is okay to hit someone when one is angry. It also makes a child fearful of the parents and merely teaches them to avoid being caught.

You can withhold privileges as a way of punishment. What is it that your child loves most? What is it that they can’t live without? Take that away and teach them that misbehavior takes way what one cherishes.