Monday March 10 2014

Besigye, let Mbabazi stay in NRM party

By Yoga Adhola

By inviting embattled Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi to join his fight, former FDC leader Kizza Besigye is demonstrating himself as a person who lacks strategic insight. It is much better for the struggle if Mbabazi remained where he is - in the ruling NRM party! That way he gives President Museveni a target to direct his attacks. It also makes Mr Museveni make blunders.

As of now, the treatment Museveni is giving Mbabazi, if it continues, could easily lead to an implosion of the NRM. Just look at the present situation. It is obvious that the conduct or selection of the secretary general is not the docket of the parliamentary caucus. Yet Museveni is getting this matter to be handled by the caucus.

The parliamentary caucus is not a party organ; this should be a matter for the relevant party organs. This is not, however, a mistake on the part of Mr Museveni; it is deliberate. The man is not that sure of Mbabazi’s strength in the relevant party organs.

So, let Mbabazi stay where he is; the struggle is much better that way.