Saturday August 2 2014

Besigye’s understanding of terrorism is one-sided

In an article in Daily Monitor of July 31 tiled, ‘ Besigye links terror acts to oppression,’ Is Kizza Besigye trying to say that terrorists have a genuine and acceptable cause? That those terrorists that killed Ugandans in the 2010 bombings were fighting for justice?
I partly agree with you. Some of the young people who join terrorists groups are disenchanted. Terror groups obviously do not believe in that kind of justice that Besigye is talking about; they have an ideology to sell peacefully or forcefully although the latter has dominated.
Terror groups are a negative force to world governments, and this offers a platform to disillusioned people to ride onto to get back to their governments, even when they don’t believe in the cause of the groups they purportedly act on behalf of.
I guess even when the world becomes justly to everyone, terror groups will not cease to exist however the number of people who turn to this heinous act will drop. Besigye’s understanding of terrorism is from a social justice perspective which is one sided. It paints an incomplete picture.
Online reader