Thursday April 3 2014

Blame government officials who signed Umeme deal

By Andrew Bakoraho

It is not right for our Members of Parliament to heap all the blame on Umeme for a one-sided or bad contract. Our government through its representatives entered into this agreement without any coercion. One would think all this was done after scrutinising the terms and conditions of the contract.

The reality must be accepted here that Umeme’s interests as a business entity cannot be the same as that of our government. Therefore, it was the duty of government officials to protect our interests. It is not prudent for one to turnaround and fault Umeme for the irresponsible and unpatriotic behaviour on the side of government officials.

Umeme is an Investor who operates in a corrupt environment and even if this company was not as corrupt as our society, it would find itself with no option but to succumb to the demands of our public servants who seem to worship bribery and extortion.

The leaders who signed this contract on our behalf are the ones we chose and we should, therefore, accept the sort of services and choices they make for us. Therefore, it would be naive for our Parliament to condemn Umeme without first penalising those government officers who drafted and later signed the deal.
MPs would seem more serious if they punished those errant government officials first.