Busoga should move forward with new Kyabazinga

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Posted  Wednesday, September 3   2014 at  01:00

On August 23, Busoga was filled with jubilations after a quorum of 10 0ut 11 hereditary chiefs as required by the Busoga constitution, sat, agreed, and nominated Prince William Gabula IV as the new Kyabazinga. He was presented to the Busoga lukiiko chaired by speaker George Mutyabule on August 25 and members accepted him as the rightful Kyabazinga.
This was the first time in history the 10 hereditary chiefs sat and came to a consensus. The President also thanked the hereditary chiefs for appointing a king to restore peace in Busoga .
In the same line, I was taken aback when the chief prince Kauhne Wakooli declared Prince Columbus as the genuine Kyabazinga to ascend the throne! Kauhne, who also was a member of the 10 hereditary royal chiefs who confirmed Prince Nadiope IV, and also signed minutes to show his approval in what transpired that day, how then can he bring controversies among the people of Busoga?
It is now six years down the road without a substantive Kyabazinga. This has affected us in development. It is high time we moved forward.
Sam Yateesa Wanume,

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