Tuesday January 14 2014

Child abuse has no place in our society

National statistics indicate that cases of corporal punishment are on the rise, with at least 81 per cent of primary school going children being victims. Accordingly, Uganda leads with 84 per cent incidences of corporal punishments in schools in East Africa (ANPPCAN report 2011).

This is unfortunate given the measures the government has put in place to protect children against the vice. For example, the government, through the Ministry of Education and Sports, has introduced guidelines on policy, roles and responsibilities for stakeholders in the implementation of the UPE programme, which explicitly forbids corporal punishment in schools.

The Children Act also provides for protection of the Child against abuse. Article 24 of the 1995 Constitution protects every person, including children, from torturous, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

I urge Parliament to expedite the passing of the policy that bans vicious forms of punishments in schools if we are to recognise remarkable achievements against child abusers.

Martin Kiiza,
National Council for Children