Children suffering

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Posted  Thursday, January 2  2014 at  02:00

I have seen two-year-old street children on remand without food, clothes or clean toilets at Kampiringisa National Rehabilitation Centre. Children there depend on other children because there are no staff or guardians to take care of them.

They are locked up and beaten and not given the medicine or treatment they need. The Kampala Capital City Authority arrests babies and children for begging because it hurts the image of the city. In my view, Kampiringisa is an abomination. God sees these children as part of Kampala and He is angry with this city.

Repent Kampala for wasting money on MPs’ salaries, expensive cars, allowances and parking yards while children are in ‘prison’, hungry, feeling cold, dirty and sick. Jesus is coming very soon and He will judge the people of Kampala by its child prisoners.

Jesusloverdon, jesusloverdon@gmail.com