Tuesday January 28 2014

Church should stay out of politics

By Brian Kisomose

Dr Kiiza Besigye recently criticised certain influential religious organisations for keeping a deaf ear to political activism currently in Uganda. I am entirely of the view that such ‘religious organisations ‘as he puts it should not succumb to Dr Besigye’s criticism.

We all appreciate his efforts to advocate for social justice, a corrupt free country, equality, proper democratic governance and the restoration of rule of law among others but the forum under which the same is advocated for matters a lot.

Believe it or not, such issues are political in nature and I do not think the church should be involved in such.

If Besigye has a legitimate cause for the good and proper governance of this country then it should be us the masses to voluntarily decide to either support his activities or not. The same applies to civil society organisations, institutions and other individuals who think share the same ideologies with him.

He should not think that everyone is bound to oppose the government or bound to do it his way. We all remember the famous walk-to-work campaigns, hooting at a particular hour a given of the day and banging whatever one had to produce noise for a given duration as a sign of displasure.

The government did not have the capacity and manpower to arrest and prosecute whoever participated but somehow people realised they did not have to walk to work to make their voices heard.
Brian Kisomose,