Saturday February 8 2014

Civil servants too need to be paid

Surely somebody somewhere must be responsible for releasing civil servants salaries when the month comes to an end.
That person must be aware that January ended on Friday 31 and that the school term started on Monday 3 which means civil servants who have children need to pay school fees.
If that person still had the slightest piece of his or her human heart he/she would imagined the anguish of the civil servant looking on as other people carry their children back to school while theirs stay home.
Is the world aware that many civil servants even never got or were paid partial salaries for December?
I appeal to the head of civil service, the minister of Public Service, the Cabinet and workers’ MPs to stop treating civil servants like second class citizens.

The manifestos of the NRM government can only be delivered by motivated and not an intimidated civil service.

Concerned civil servant,