Monday July 28 2014

Control air pollution to reduce harm to health, environment

By Friday Brenda

Air pollution is one of the major environmental problems in Uganda, ranging from chemicals or biological materials that cause harm and discomfort to humans and damage to the environment. These sources of pollution include industries, motor vehicles, electronics, etc.

The impact of air pollution is far-reaching, manifested in climate change – a major global environmental concern. Dust from factories and seasonal roads constitute the largest portion of common pollutants in Uganda, thus raising concerns about air quality and human health.

As a country, we have no equipment to monitor air quality and this exposes people and the environment to pollution, an environmental crime that undermines the right to a clean and healthy environment.
To counter air pollution, the government needs to enforce laws so that those who pollute are held accountable.

The standards for discharge of all forms waste should be upheld, coupled with more vigilance from the necessary authorities regarding compliance to set standards.

Friday Brenda,