Saturday June 28 2014

Corporal punishment affects children’s brain development

By Brenda Uwase

On June 25, I watched a news bulletin which featured a teacher in Mukono District who beat up a boy to a point of death.
Recently, World Health Organisation carried out a research on the consequences to child abuse. They found out that 20 per cent of women, 5-10 per cent men and children are abused and 23 per cent individuals are abused during childhood.

Therefore, this should be taken seriously by all parents who abuse their children thinking that disciplining a child should be in form of canning, others neglect them, over work them ,etc.
There have been media stories of children who are burnt, beaten to death, to mention but a few. Research shows that individuals who have been exposed to childhood maltreatment have much smaller volumes of grey matter in certain brain areas, compared to those who had no history of child abuse.

This is a deficiency and can result into brain disorders.
Ugandan parents should know that child abuse is not acceptable but rather creats a deficiency to a child’s brain because of the torture he/she faces.
Ndejje University