Wednesday July 9 2014

Customer care personnel should stop wasting our time

By Nansamba Musisi

I recently went to a bank branch at IPS building to request for a bank draft. I was informed that the draft would be ready in exactly one hour.

I informed the teller that the draft was for visa processing fee and so it was imperative that the draft be ready in the said one hour. She reassured me that the draft would be ready in an hour or less.

An hour and a half later, I had not received any call, so I went back to the bank and was told that the draft would be ready in five minutes. Two hours later the draft was still not ready. It was now 3pm and the embassy was closing at 4pm.

I was eventually called by one of the bank staff to inform me that the bank draft system was actually down and I would need to go to the bank’s Garden City branch.
It was now 3.30pm and raining heavily. No sooner had I told the lady at the Garden City inquiry desk the purpose of my visit, than I got the shock of my life. I would like to quote exactly what she said.

“Madam, I do not know what is wrong with those people at the IPS branch, the bank draft system has been down since yesterday and they know that very well so I do not know why they are bouncing around customers instead of telling them the truth”. What kind of way is this to treat customers?