Saturday March 22 2014

DPP did not not single out police, judicial officials as corrupt

By Irene Nakimbugwe

The article in the Daily Monitor of March 19 about the Director of Public Prosecution castigating the police and judicial officers for corruption was a misrepresentation of his address to stakeholders in a meeting held at Bomah Hotel, Gulu on March 17.

Instead, the DPP called on all stakeholders in the criminal justice system to avoid corruption and play their roles in promoting justice and the rule of law. He did not single out any institutions as extorting cash from people seeking justice, neither did he make any reference to receiving reports of extortion by judicial and police officers.

He informed the participants that corruption shall not be tolerated within and outside the Directorate and called on them to work together to eliminate corruption and deliver justice.

Justice John Eudes Keitirima, the Resident Judge of Gulu attended the meeting but his comments were similarly misrepresented and he was erroneously referred to as Justice Masalu Musene.

There were no allegations of corruption against judicial officers in Gulu during the meeting. The Judiciary was to the contrary lauded for the good work done since Justice Keitirima’s appointment as the Resident Judge.
Irene Nakimbugwe

State Attorney / Deputy PRO Directorate of Public Prosecutions