Tuesday January 21 2014

Deal with power surges in Kitgum

I write to express my utter disappointment with Umeme staff in Kitgum Disrict. They have failed to ensure reliable power supply and routinely service their transformer at Corner Ayul.

I am a resident of Ayul ‘A’ village, Pager Parish, Kitgum Town Council. On three occasions last year, we were affected by Umeme power surges that destroyed electrical appliances worth millions of shillings. This is because we are connected to a very old transformer in Ayul ‘A’ near a famous grinding mill at corner Ayul. This transformer was installed in 1983 and has not been replaced since.

The voltage that we receive in Ayul ‘A’ from this transformer is between 300-360 Volts which is quite high and absolutely abnormal for appliances that are manufactured to use between 210-250 volts.

Recently, on January 3, there was an outcry by consumers in Ayul ‘A’ following another power surge that destroyed all the electrical appliances that were connected to power at the time. We complained as individuals and as a community through our LC1 chairperson to Umeme Kitgum office but in vain.

They are non-committal in investigating the problem and handling complaints.
I, therefore, request the Umeme central and regional office for northern Uganda to handle our grievances and request the relevant offices to expeditiously investigate the Kitgum office for negligence of duties and reluctance to handle complaints from the clients in Ayul ‘A’.

Our complaints should be verified and Umeme be held responsible for their negligence. We demand, with immediate effect, the compensation for electrical appliances that have been destroyed.

The items destroyed include: bulbs, extension cables, fridge guards, radios, TVs, fridges, inverters, stabilisers, computers, shaving machines, to mention but a few.
Concerned client,
Kitgum District