Tuesday January 28 2014

Deliver us from poor services

By Naigaga Bakibinga

What happened to “For God and my country”? Let us review some of the sectors in our country.

Healthcare sector: There are dilapidated hospitals and inadequate basic hospital supplies. The required renovations and repairs not done in time due to poor financial facilitation from the government. The sector also suffers poor remuneration for the medical personnel, few medical personnel in public hospitals since the poor remuneration demotivates them and drives them to seek employment abroad,

In the transport sector: Roads are in poor condition due to poor works, drainage and maintenance, extremely poor street lighting, and disorganised public transport systems.

The education sector has few public institutions leading to overcrowding at the existing institutions. Many schools lack basic facilities, utilities and study requirements such as dormitories, laboratories, etc Extremely poor remuneration and compensation for teachers also keeps the sector down.

And yet with all that, some government officials continue to comfortably use taxpayers’ money for their personal gain!
When will we be delivered from this situation?
Naigaga Bakibinga,