Saturday July 26 2014

Devise means to retain doctors

By Edward Ssekayiba

I learnt from a friend that there are three types of doctors in Uganda. The pre-war generation doctors, the war generation doctors and the lost generation doctors.

The pre-war generation doctors went to school when all medical facilities where working. They had the opportunity to learn and practise when medicine in Uganda was at its best. Unfortunately most of them are retired and out of practice.

The war generation doctors are those who were educated during war times.

Basically, there was nothing functioning and practicals were done on adhoc non-functional equipment.

Unfortunately, these are the majority of doctors treating us today. They are interested in setting up their own clinics and care less about government funded facilities and are only looking at how to make ends meet and get rich quick.

The lost generation doctors are the upcoming breed of doctors. Unfortunately, these doctors are focusing on medical research, PHDs and furthering their knowledge elsewhere.

They are lost indeed because in their quest for more knowledge they find no other option but to practise elsewhere where medical facilities are up to their standard of expectation.

Unless strategies are put in place to attract and retain this lost generation of doctors, our health sector is indeed headed for trouble.

Edward Ssekayiba ,